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How I work

I take a holistic view on your little one’s sleep that considers sleep biology, family dynamics, the sleep environment, any health concerns and even the parents’ stress and tiredness levels.

Sleep is a biological function and cannot be taught, however, by optimising the sleep environment, taking into consideration the child’s temperament and individual sleep needs, things can normally be improved.

I try to help families understand what is normal baby sleep, be it short naps, early wakes, multiple night wakings etc. It’s all normal! However, this does not mean that you have to be a martyr and suffer through it all, I will help you navigate through the tough times with changing your mindset about your child’s sleep.

I offer a free 15-minute introductory call to establish whether my approach is the right fit for you and if it’s actually the right time to get involved – perhaps your little one is in the middle of a sleep regression or a major developmental change.

For consultation options, have a look at my packages below.

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Holistic sleep coach Tallinn Estonia

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I reached out to Livia to discuss our nearly 9-month olds worsening sleep. We had tried all the recommended guidance, including letting him self settle in his cot, before quite out of the blue, he was waking hourly with seemingly no reason why.
She was empathic, understanding and completely non pressurising in her approach. She helped me realise that the psychology of the baby and the baby’s individual personality is paramount, and helped me tune back into my intuition that our boy is highly sensitive. From there we discussed recommended reading and the idea of the “orchid baby”. For now our son is sleeping well again, or far better, but should things change once again and we need further support, I won’t hesitate to return to Livia for her guidance. Thank you Livia!

— Clare

My services

Mini package / Troubleshooting call
  • Suitable for a less complicated sleep problem that could potentially be solved during the call
    – Sleep questionnaire analysis
  • – 60-minute video call
  • – Shortened version of the personalised sleep plan
    – 15-minute follow-up call
2 weeks support
  • Includes:
    – Sleep questionnaire analysis
  • – 60-minute video call
    – Personalised and detailed sleep plan
    – 30-minute follow-up call
    – Support via chat/email/phone
1 month support
  • Includes:
    – Sleep questionnaire analysis
    – 60-minute video call
  • – Personalised and detailed sleep plan
  • – 30-minute follow-up call
    – Support via chat/email/phone

About me

When I gave birth to our first child back in 2017 I had intuitively chosen gentle parenting and this approach also involved her sleep – I followed her lead and rhythm, tried to understand her temperament, was always there for her and never left her cry alone. I did everything that is not typically recommended for (new) parents – all the ‘bad habits’, such as feeding, rocking to sleep etc. I followed my instincts and swam against the mainstream advice, which made me feel rather lonely at times.

I didn’t want to become a sleep coach because I thought I had found all the solutions to fix baby’s sleep. You can’t fix what isn’t broken! Instead, I wanted to promote the understanding of normal baby sleep and debunk so many myths that are out there.

It was really important to find a course that fit with my views and I was recommended the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program that focuses on empowering parents and providing them with gentle strategies, which never involve leaving babies to cry alone. I received the Level 6 diploma (issued in the UK) in spring 2021, and it’s the most comprehensive and evidence-based responsive sleep coaching program in the world.

My wish to support parents is based on more than just helping their children sleep better, that’s ultimately the goal, but I want to encourage them to trust their instincts more. And quite often, it’s us, the adults, who have unrealistic expectations about our kids’ sleep. 

I’m now a mother to a little boy as well and I’m so much more relaxed about his sleep. I wish I had been like that the first time around and I wish that for every parent I work with.

They’ll get there in their own time… Whatever ‘there’ means – nap for longer, fall asleep with less support or sleep through the night.

Holistic sleep coach Tallinn Estonia

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Diploma in Child Psychology

Diploma in Child Psychology (OCN Level 4) / Certificate in Holistic Sleep Coaching Program (OCN Level 6) / A member of IACSC

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